Mascotte Pupapazza
Pupapazza da oltre 20 anni si occupa di realizzazione e vendita mascotte 100% made in Italy. Mascotte personalizzate partendo da un logo aziendale o da un’idea del cliente, realizzate interamente a mano con un’accorta selezione di materiali. Per la struttura e i rivestimenti delle Mascotte utilizziamo solo materiali prodotti in Italia, gommapiuma e tessuti di prima scelta.
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Via Napoli 67, Foggia - Italy + (39) 349 1956022 NO NOLEGGIO


Payment methods

1. Payments in execution of Sales Contracts can be made online using Paypal (and major credit cards of the PayPal circuit) or by Bank Transfer .



2. Pupapazza di Calabrese Maria Assunta reserves the right to authorize the use of additional payment methods upon specific request of the Customer: it is understood that, as an exception to the provisions of these General Conditions, the authorization granted by Pupapazza di Calabrese Maria Assunta to Customer to use a different payment method will constitute a Special Condition applicable exclusively to the payment of the purchase referred to in the Order to which this concession refers.



3. At the time of placing the Order, the Customer is required to expressly indicate the chosen payment method.



4. Pupapazza di Calabrese Maria Assunta reserves the right to verify, at any time, the ownership of the payment instrument used or the possession of the requirements to purchase the Products from the Site (see by way of example the provisions of the previous Condition 2.13): this, requesting the Customer to send additional information and / or documents. If the Customer does not comply with the requests of Pupapazza di Calabrese Maria Assunta, the latter will have the right not to accept the Order, or to withdraw from the already completed Sales Contract, promptly notifying the Customer via the Email Address.



5. Payment through Paypal will take place by redirecting to the site, where the procedures for transferring the sums due to Pupapazza di Calabrese Maria Assunta can be completed. The Customer’s financial data will be managed directly by Paypal and will not be shared with Pupapazza di Calabrese Maria Assunta.



6. The payment of the Products by cash on delivery is not allowed at this time.



7. In the event that the Customer opts for the method of payment by bank transfer to the current account in the name of:
Pupapazza of Calabrese Maria Assunta
IBAN: IT09S0503415703000000014616



unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties, the Order will be processed by Pupapazza di Calabrese Maria Assunta only after the total amount of the Order has been credited to the Current Account.



8. In case of non-payment – for any reason – of the price indicated in the Sales Contract, Pupapazza di Calabrese Maria Assunta reserves the right to terminate the Sales Contracts in place with the Customer, with immediate effect, for non-fulfillment by the Customer, as well as block the purchase functions attributed to the Customer by giving immediate written notice to the Customer, without prejudice to the right of Pupapazza di Calabrese Maria Assunta to request the reimbursement of any further damage suffered.



9. The Customer will receive a regular invoice / receipt.

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