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Pupapazza da oltre 20 anni si occupa di realizzazione e vendita mascotte 100% made in Italy. Mascotte personalizzate partendo da un logo aziendale o da un’idea del cliente, realizzate interamente a mano con un’accorta selezione di materiali. Per la struttura e i rivestimenti delle Mascotte utilizziamo solo materiali prodotti in Italia, gommapiuma e tessuti di prima scelta.
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About Us

Passion, Precision, Attention to Details

Our History

We create professional and customized mascots for companies, events, sports clubs

Pupapazza creates professional and customized wearable mascots. The realization takes place in a strictly artisanal way through a meticulous attention to detail and a careful choice of the best raw materials.

We also create customized mascots from a drawing or directly from your company logo, thus giving life to a high-impact testimonial for your advertising or for exhibitions and promotional events.

Our wearable mascots are comfortable and light, and increase the stature by 50/70 cm. thanks to the big heads they are equipped with. Each mascot is equipped with a comfortable head housing.

Our customers represent our best advertising. We owe them our growth because they have always appreciated and valued our efforts, helping us improve details, materials and design techniques.

As creators of wearable and personalized mascots, more and more often we receive requests from advertising agencies, graphics studios and animation agencies in order to contribute to the promotion of their products or services. In fact, mascots can help with the distribution of flyers and advertising material, can hand out gadgets during events and are always a great attraction for all children who, taking a picture with them, bring the image of your company into their homes and memories..

Our Strengths

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Mascots are born from the love for art and its thousand expressions and embody the spirit of a company or an event.

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In the creation of each new mascot we use a handcrafted process that is the result of over 20 years of experience.

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The meticulous attention to detail is one of our strengths accompanied by the choice of the best Made in Italy materials.

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Knowing the history of each brand or event will help us create a mascot that embodies the customer’s spirit. We listen to our customers.

Pupapazza Mascots

Characteristics of our products

Pupapazza for the creation of mascots chooses only the best products . For the structure and the coverings of the mascots we use only materials produced in Italy , foam rubber and first choice fabrics . All this while maintaining an extraordinary value for money , thanks to direct sales our prices are much lower than those who simply “resell” mascots.

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At the end of the 90’s Pupapazza was born. Thus began our story
We have gone through an important professional growth
Today we represent a point of reference in the Mascot sector in Italy and in Europe
Custom Mascots
Created by your brand

Pupapazza creates personalized mascots starting from the logo , from a drawing , from a graphic draft or even from the Customer idea . In over 20 years of activity, we are pleased to count among our customers the most prestigious Italian brands who have chosen our tailoring.

mascotte personalizzate
Business Mascots
Made to measure

The mascot represents an important communication tool . In addition to representing the corporate spirit, p removes its image and its presence is always welcome in any context. Pupapazza creates company mascots for all types of activities.

mascotte aziendali
Event Mascots
Designed to give smiles

Where there is a mascot, there is always a smile. Whether it is a sporting, playful, fair, recreational event it will always remain etched in the memory of those present. Pupapazza creates mascots for all types of events and they are among the most chosen throughout the Italian territory (Giro d’Italia, Eurochocolate, etc).

mascotte eventi

Reviews from our customers

Custom mascots great details

Personalized mascots with excellent details, ability to grasp all the requests expressed in the design phase up to the final realization of the product, always of excellent quality and avant-garde. Punctual in delivery and available for all post sales.


Reviews from our customers

Exceptional craftsmen

Pupapazza was a pleasant discovery. When something is done with passion you can see immediately, every detail is taken care of in the smallest details and the materials are excellent. Finally an artisan with a capital A who was able to satisfy my requests. The after sales service is also excellent.

-Giovanna Lanotte

Reviews from our customers

Super Professional

We relied on Mery for the creation of our first mascot for the village "Altalia". From the first approach I found courteous and professional people, the result was nothing short of exceptional. The mascot was designed and built within the established time frame, the quality / price ratio is excellent. Our children in the mini club were impressed by "Bergamot", thank you very much for everything you have done for us. I highly recommend you to rely on them, super professional.

-Giovanni Romano

Reviews from our customers

Spectacular result

The world of work is made up of professionals, serious, competent and punctual. Mery is the example! Reliability, professionalism, availability and above all punctuality !!! We have relied on her for our project and the result is spectacular, from the choice of quality materials, to the perfect customization service and above all MADE IN ITALY and in today's times it is a VANTO! If you are looking to make a mascot, don't hesitate! Pupapazza is the solution!

-AP Servizi

All the reviews reported here are real and verifiable on our Google Map profile

Our Customers

In over 20 years of activity, we are pleased to count among our customers the most prestigious Italian brands who have chosen our tailoring.

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